The Wolfsberg Meetings are structured into four half-day sessions starting on Saturday afternoon and ending on Monday afternoon. Session 1 provides the platform for young investigators working in the field of molecular radiation biology / translational radiation on-cology just receiving international visibility to present their most interesting research in form of an Invited Lecture and the Late-Breaking Abstract Lecture. This session is also the platform for the ESTRO-VARIAN-Juliana Denekamp Award Lecture. The sessions 2 to 4 are dedicated to the relevant topics of radiation research, i.e. DNA repair and signaling, influence of microenvironment on radiation response and identification of biomarkers for new developments in molecular targeting. Each of these individual sessions are introduced by two Keynote Lectures presented by leading international scientists. These lectures are followed by topic-specific poster sessions for which ample time is reserved to allow de-tailed discussions in front of the posters. After the poster sessions, selected proffered pa-per presentations will cover the broad spectrum of scientific approaches in each session. Abstracts of all presentations will be published in the Proceedings Book Molecular Radia-tion Biology/Oncology. Moreover, selected invited lectures as well as proffered papers and poster presentations recommended by the Scientific Committee will be published as re-view or original articles in the journal “Radiotherapy & Oncology” after regular peer-reviewing.

Since the spirit and the scientific quality of a meeting depends very much on the quality of the poster sessions and the intensive discussions in front of the posters, the best present-ed poster of each topic will receive the WOLFSBERG POSTER AWARD. Moreover, the most outstanding poster of a young scientist, i.e. PhD student or early postdoc, will receive the ADRIAN C. BEGG AWARD established in 2015 and sponsored by Xstrahl Ltd., UK.