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Attention: Please note that on 29.01.2020 between 22:00 o'clock and 00:00 o'clock we will carry out maintenance work on our server. No abstracts can be submitted during this time.

It is expected that submitted abstracts will include new original data. With respect to the competitive evaluation process authors should be particular aware of the importance of setting forth the objectives and hypotheses of the study in a clear, succinct manner and of summarizing the results. If the abstract is poorly written, such that the Scientific Committee cannot determine its novelty and importance, the abstract will not be considered for evaluation.

For abstract preparation, registration and submission a database application via the Wolfsberg Meeting Series homepage is possible. Please note that each presenting author can register and submit only one abstract. To register and submit your abstract, please use the link on the website www.wolfsberg-meeting.com.

Preferentially you should submit your abstract via the Wolfsberg Abstract Data Base System as indicated. In case submission through the data base is not possible, you may submit your abstract electronically via e-mail to Prof. Dr. med. habil. Nils Cordes (see below *). For preparing the abstract please use the downloaded abstract form following the instructions below:

  1. All text on the page must fit within the indicated area of 16.0 cm (width) x 16.0 cm (length).
  2. Beginning at the left-hand margin, type the title of the abstract followed by the full name (first name, middle, initial, last name), institutional affiliation, and location of each author in upper and lower case letters immediately following the title. Underline the name of the presenting author.
  3. Leave one blank line.
  4. Type the text of the abstract in single-spaced form.
  5. Choose one of the 4 topics.

Submit the abstract (as word file) together with the Abstract Registration Form via e-mail to: Nils.Cordes@OncoRay.de until January 31, 2020.


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Please note that each presenting author can register and submit only one abstract!
Deadline for abstract submission: January 31, 2020.

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  1. Fill in the authors (first name, middle, initial, last name), devided by commas:
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